Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator

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USD 229.99 Availability: In stock

Surrender to the tremor-mendous intensity of the Doxy Die Cast, which courses out incredible vibrations in magical, multiple strengths

Channelling out vibrations through a soft and expansive silicone head, the plug-in wand offers softly rumbling lower levels that climb up to ultra-powerful heights on your command

Cold chamber die casting forms the aluminum/titanium alloy casing using high-pressure injection, which then goes through a 5 stage polishing process to create its lustrous finish

Cool aluminum and titanium is cast into a lustrous premium casing for an elite toy perfect for power queens

Slick the head of your new vibe with water-based sex lube before kick-starting your play session.

The result is a luxurious, durable toy, for a lifetime of intimate pleasure adventures, guaranteed by Doxy for 12 months

While weightier 830g , the sizing is the same as other Doxy wands so it can take standard-size attachments


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